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Peter Stevenson

The Changelings


Alison Matthews and Peter Stevenson tell tales of misfits and magic, of Hairy Fairies and Fairy Cows, of Twins and Y Tylwyth Teg, as two Changelings brought up in isolation travel through their lives unsure of whether they are Human or Fair Folk,  male or female, uncertain of their place in a changing world, searching for love but unable to know who or what they should love. Follow The Folklorist and Fey as they weave together new stories with traditional tales of the Fair Folk, a live graphic novel with 400 original projected pictures of real, yes real fairies, puppetry and an outstanding live original music score from Mackerel Sky – cellist Ailsa Mair Hughes and fiddle and accordion from Pixy Tom.....with added  fairy cows.

Puppets by Alexandra Shiva Melis.


For older children and adults


Running time 75 minutes




Myra; The Lost Fairy Tales and Folk Songs of west Wales


An encounter with the dark Otherworld of Ceredigion, from the lady of the Millpond to the Llanina mermaid, from lazy harpers to light footed Sgilti, from Siani Pob Man to Sigl-di-gwt. Grimm tales and traditional tunes and songs from the 1850s and beyond, fairy tales and folk songs collected by Myra Evans of New Quay, pieced together from scrubbing archives for old manuscripts and tramping old pathways in search of ivy covered ruins and misty memories of people long gone. Performed in a unique collaboration between two musicians and singers and a visual artist and storyteller

Songs and strories restored to life by Ceri Owen Jones, harp and trombone, Elsa Davies, fiddle, and Peter Stevenson, storyteller and illustrations.  


Running time 1 hour 20 mins, or two halves of 40 mins

For older children, adults and lovers of the dark side of fairy tales.

Available to book through Noson Allan / Night Out


A Cabinet of Curiosities


Enter a Cabinet of Curiosities, all creaking hinges and dusty cobwebs, to find stories, songs and illuminations, tales of Changeling Children and Cabarets, maybe Moonsongs and Magicians, Dancing Bears and Dolls,  Hunters  and Hares, Mermaids or Hairy Men Women.  

The show is a collection of short Magical Lantern stories told by Peter Stevenson, with hundreds of projected illustrations, songs and music from cellist Ailsa Mair Hughes and multi instrumentalist prestidigitator Pixy Tom Owen. Each show is created specially for the performance, with stories such as The Hunter and the Mermaid, The Woman with two Moons and the Moon with two Women, The Lady of the Reservoir, The Sea Morgane and the salty Welsh sea, The Water Kelpie, Tales of Y Tylwyth Teg, and many more.


These are short stories so the show can be as long or short as required, from half an hour to an hour or an hour and a half.


For all ages provided you bring your Grandmother, for what is a story without a grisly grizzled Grandmother..


Available for booking through Noson Allan / Night Out

Run Jack Run

Two stories of the hunting of the hare, from the wild Welsh hills to the dark Lancashire woods, finding points of connection across time and space. Stories of deeply rooted traditions and superstitions, of beauty, compassion and redemption. One from the 7th Century, of Melangell, a girl who lived in the woods of the Pennant valley and protected the animals and trees around her, and another from living memory of a small, rufty tufty boy from Pendle Forest who followed in Melangell’s footsteps

Peter Stevenson and Milly Jackdaw weave the two tales together while cellist, singer and composer Ailsa Mair Hughes lifts up our senses and sends our imaginations sprinting over the hills with music that touches places beyond time.

Run Jack hare. Run from the hounds that bay at your heels, from the horses, the lords and the working men in tweed suits. Zig zag over the hills towards the safety of the woods and trust that you may yet see the moon rise.


“Another personal highlight was ‘Run Jack Run’ where two storytellers, Milly Jackdaw and Peter Stevenson told two separate stories about hares that slowly wound together; the storytelling was enhanced by both live music and projected visuals – spellbindingly beautiful!”

Martin Maudsley, Organiser of Bristol Storytelling Festival

The stories held us all in a spellbound magic...we will remember and talk about it for a very long time.   Jed Needs, event organiser, Crickhowell


Older children and adults. Running time 1 hour

The Dancing Bear and the Doll


The curious tale of King Arthur and Santes Dwynwen, two figures famed from Welsh Folklore, struggling to understand their place in a world where history is told by museum mannequins and the past is sanitised in fluffy furry toys.

The story is built around two traditional Welsh tales, adapted and told by storyteller Peter Stevenson with songs and music from cellist Ailsa Mair Hughes and multi instrumentalist Pixy Tom. The show is a live graphic novel which projects over 400 original illustrations and photographs by book illustrator Peter.

Warning....may contain myths, which may contain stories, which may contain a truth, but not necessarily, the whole truth, but always an inherent truth.


For older children and adults


Running time 1 hour

For older children and adults

The Adventures of Prince Achmed

with live accompaniment


The oldest surviving full length animated film made in 1926 by Lotte Reiniger with silhouette paper cuts


Live music score by Mackerel Sky, featuring an array of instruments, sounds and voices supplied by cellist and singer Ailsa Mair Hughes and multi instrumentalist Pixy Tom. Includes an introductory magical lantern featurette, The Hunter and the Mermaid, from A Cabinet of Curiosities, storyteller and illustrator, Peter Stevenson, followed by an illustrated biography of Lotte Reiniger.


Suitable for children, cinema fans, lovers of fairy tales, musicians, artists, animators and dreamers of all ages


Running time 90 minutes

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The Crow and the Canary


A curious encounter between the crow lady of the Ceredigion Otherworld and the Poet from No Man's Land.  The story of the meeting between Dylan Thomas and the fairy tale collector Myra Evans, featuring the stories of the Llwynwermwnt Changeling, and Rhysyn and the Mermaid, with a live musical soundtrack composed by Elsa Davies, featuring Dylan's poem the Ballad of the Long Legged Bait, and a full length magical lantern show featuring a couple of hundred slides.


Mash up folk music and west Welsh songs with Ceri Owen Jones, telyn/harp, and Elsa Davies ffidl/fiddle, and a cauldron of stories by stori-wr Peter Stevenson from his 'Ceredigion Folk Tales' and 'The World of Dylan Thomas,' both published by the History Press in 2014.


For older children, adults, grizzled grandmothers and lovers of dark fairy tales.


Running time 1 hour 15 mins, or two halves with short stories and songs in the first half..


Available for booking through Noson Allan / Night Out

Reviews and Quotes for The Crow and the Canary, and Sigl-si-gwt


'Enchanting language, haunting melody and beguiling image entwined, bringing these characters and their ancient lands to life.'

New Welsh Review


'spellbindingly beautiful!'

Martin Maudsley, storyteller and director of Bristol Storytelling Festival


'an absorbing, entrancing, tapestry of colour, mood and light. Not a tapestry, a fabric, it was definitely woven each thread beautifully balanced.'

Lindy Martin, lecturer at Carmarthen Art College and audience member


'The combination of...storytelling and Elsa and Ceri's beautiful and delicate music and voices took one back to those times of magic mystery and otherworldliness.'

Rob Bell, audience member


'a symphony, a masterpiece'

Ceri Rhys Matthews, musician and founder of Fernhill


'the atmosphere was magical.'

Aislinn Knight, artist and audience member


'The Dream Team'

Maria Hayes, Harlech Chapters Literary Festival


'I knew we were in for a treat when we met an old ‘crone’ ‘who licked her thumb with a raspberry tongue’ to seal the deal on a Rumpelstiltskin-style wager for a young woman's child.'

New Welsh Review


The Talking Tree /Blodae'r Draen


Where the Water keeps no Secrets

A story of the ageless human relationship with the Ceredigion and Welsh hills, through film, folk tale, poetry, music, storytelling, song, projections, objects, live music, illustration and photography.

A view through the looking glass backwards towards tomorrow.

Commissioned by Duress / Aberystwyth University and filmed in the Ceredigion uplands around the source of the river Teifi. Please get in touch for more information and for screening and bookings.


Lle nad yw’r Dŵr yn cadw Cyfrinachau

Hanes y berthynas ddigyfnewid rhwng dynol ryw a bryniau Ceredigion a Chymru, trwy ffilm, hanes werin, cerddi, adrodd straeon, caneuon, tafluniadau, gwrthrychau, cerddoriaeth fyw, darluniau a ffotograffiaeth.

Golwg trwy’r drych yn ôl tuag at yfory.

Wedi ei gomisynu gan Duress / Prifysgol Aberystwyth ac wedi’i ffilmio yn ucheldiroedd Ceredigion o amgylch tarddle afon Teifi. Cysylltwch os gwelwch yn dda am ragor o wybodaeth ac er mwyn trefnu dangosiadau a pherfformiadau.


Available for booking through Noson Allan


RockFace Title

Storytelling shows

Crossing the Boundary / Croesi'r Terfynau


Ailsa Mair Hughes (cello, dulcimer, harmonium, psalter, and voice) and Peter Stevenson (stories, illustrations, crankie and concertina.


Do we own the land or does the land own us?

Themes of visible and invisible walls in the landscape, and encounters with the 'Other' world who inconveniently try to cross those boundaries, are rife throughout Welsh folk tales.

Discover what happened when these tales were told in America late last year, when the subject of wall-building to keep 'them' out was on everyone's lips, and meet Fanny the Cardiff Barmaid, the American Post Tortoise, the Lady-boys of the Mynydd, and the Lincolnshire gentleman who wanted to build a castle on a Welsh mountain.


This show also includes the film 'The Talking Tree'

See below


The Frolic; the life and times of John Roberts, Romany storyteller and harper


Harriet Earis a Peter Stevenson


The story of the Romani man who deserted from the army, performed for Queen Victoria, and travelled the land with his family band the Cambrian Minstrels. Featuring the traditional tunes he played, and the stories of Esmeralda the Gypsy Dancing Girl, the King of the Romani, and the Green Man of No Man’s Land.

Stori’r dyn Romani a gefnodd ar y fyddin lle y bu’n perfformio ar gyfer y Frenhines  Fictoria. Yn nodweddu’r tonau traddodiadol a chwaraewyd ganddo, a straeon Esmeralda’r Ddawnswraig Sipsi, Brenin Romani, a’r Dyn Gwyrdd o ‘No Man’s Land’

The Moon-eyed People and the White Ravens - small

'The Moon-eyed People and the White Ravens'


Peter Stevenson and Ailsa Mair Hughes


Encounters between the Welsh and Native American cultures through folk tales, music and visual art, pieced together from visits to the Appalachian Mountains, conversations with storytellers, and birdsong carried on the wind across boundaries. Including;

The well known legend of Prince Madoc, John Evans's search for the Mandan, Morgan Morgan o Morgannwg and the founding of West Virginia, Lone Man and  the trickster coyote, Wil Cefn Goch and his bruised testicle, Buffalo Bill's visit to Aberystwyth in 1904, and the Cherokee Blodeuwedd.


Storytelling, crankies, and projections from Peter Stevenson;

Voice, cello and more from Ailsa Mair Hughes


Includes the film 'Rhyfel y Sais Bach'


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